Friday, December 2, 2016

Junior High Choirs Perform in First Concert Tonight

One of the choirs practicing for their concert

The concert this Friday December, 2nd consist of three choirs, one 7th grade mixed choir, a 7th/8th grade mixed choir, and a concert choir. Each choir has been preparing throughout the first and second quarter. Each choir wrote solfege, which are do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, and do, which made it easier to learn the pitches. Then each choir transferred from the solfege to the words for every song, and worked hard on sounding professional. We’ve practiced outside of class in preparation of the concert. The first piece of the night is sang by the 7th and 8th grade choir and is titled “Bonse Aba”. “Bonse Aba”, is a joyful, upbeat piece. These traditional Zambian words say, “All that sing have the right to be called children of God.” The second song is “Born In Bethlehem”, a mellow, graceful piece which is still sang by the 7th and 8th choir. “Born In Bethlehem” is a combination of four well known Christmas spirituals “Mary Had a Baby”, “Rise Up Shepherd and Follow”, “What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby”, and “Go Tell It on the Mountain”. The four pieces intertwine throughout the song and create a new and wonderful twist.

The 7th grade mixed choir is singing “Between My Ears”, “A Tiny Child Will Come”, and “I Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, Been So Good This Year”. The concert choir will sing “Carol of the Kings”, “A Midnight Clear”, “Have A Very Merry Christmas”, and “A Christmas Garland”. Our director, Mrs. LeFebvre, displays her enthusiasm for our upcoming concert as she exclaims, “I am excited for the first concert of the year with these students!”

We all welcome our community to join us and enjoy the performance.

Written by Mikayla Lane

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meet the Junior High Band

The Crestwood Junior High band does many things. We march in parades, play at football games, have concerts, play in pep rallies, and in February do solos for band. There are other band related things that you can also do, like jazz band or winter drumline. Not only that, but the community is very warm and friendly. Right now, we are preparing for our Christmas concert that will take place on the 5th of December.

We interviewed Amelia Nelson, who plays the saxophone, on her thoughts about band. She thinks band is fun and that more people should join if they enjoy playing instruments. Her favorite thing about band is jazz band. We also interviewed Jaydan Teslow who plays in percussion. He says his favorite thing about band is marching in parades and playing all the different pieces of the percussion instruments. He said that more people should join band because it is really fun.

And we have a special congratulations to Jayden Ruroden, Nick Dietzenbach, and Morgan Moser for making it into honor band. Later in the year, our band teacher Mr. Dobbs, will choose more people from band to do honor band and if you play well he might choose you.
By Mary Turnbull and Summer Knight

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Look At Wrestling Season

It’s Wrestling season and the Crestwood Junior High has a big group this year.  We have all of our 8th graders from last year and some new ones. For returning 8th graders we have Treyton Burnikel, Tristen Kilgrow, Nathaniel Bigalk, Hunter Bye, and Clay Schemmel. We also have some new 8th graders. They are Sergio Baca, Sawyer Swatek, and Gunner Cotton. Now we have a lot of 7th graders this year. They are Carter Fousek, Landen Schemmel, Bryce Shea, Dorian Gosch, Garret Wenthold, Trent Pisney, Cole Schmauss, Kody Menne, Logan Crofton, Logan Moore, and Ethan Govern. Our coaches are Jerry Steffen, and Todd Knobloch. This year we have 9 meets and 3 at home. After Christmas break some of our wrestlers may be playing basketball, and doing split season.
Wrestling is mainly an independent sport. Once in high school it is more of a team sport. In junior high the coaches talk among themselves and match us up by weight. Everyone is almost guaranteed a match. About 4-5 practices in the season the coaches have us weigh ourselves and that is how they match us up. People say that wrestling is hard and it is, but if you put enough time into it and try to get good, you will start winning. That’s when it’s fun!

By Hunter Bye

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

7th and 8th Grade Volleyball

Both 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams had very successful seasons.  This summer they had a two day camp that worked on the fundamentals of volleyball. They started practice the first day of school.  The 8th grade team had two teams, and both teams had many close matches. They worked hard the entire season, and ended up being 13-12.  They enjoyed playing with each other and getting better every practice and game.  One of their favorite memories was beating Charles City in a very close game. Their coaches were Gena McCaffery and Shelly McAllister. Overall, the team is very excited to continue to get better and play as high schoolers next year.

The three 7th grade teams were coached by Sue Russell.  All three teams worked very hard throughout the season.  Their favorite memory was when they won their first game that was against Decorah.  During the season they enjoyed being able to play in practice and in games with their friends.   Both teams ended the season on October 10th, and played Osage.

By Trystin Thompson

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Junior High Football Teams Have Competitive Year

The eight grade football team had a impressive year of six wins and zero losses. They were led by coaches Mr. Natvig and Mr. Schmauss. They learned a lot this year and improved every game. Their roster included twenty-two players. They played teams such as Decorah, Waverly, Waukon, Osage, Charles City, and New Hampton. They have been playing since the start of school and have worked hard every time they touched the field. Expectations were high because they went undefeated the year before. The players took this very seriously because they wanted a repeat of the success that they had last year. They worked hard to make sure that this stayed the same. Carter Henry says his favorite part was throwing the ball. They were very successful and we can’t wait to see them next year.

The seventh grade football team progressed well throughout the season. I interviewed Kyler Curtis on their season. He is a seventh grader who plays left guard and defensive end. He says he learned the proper way to block on the line. His coach Rick taught him how to run block, pass block, and how your form should be while blocking. His favorite part was playing defensive end on defense. Their offense improved every game and they were also inside striking distance for every game. I also interviewed Parker Gallagher, a seventh grader who played defensive end and tight end. His favorite part of the season was hitting people.He started to hustle more to the end of the season. The coaches of this team are Mr. Steffen and Coach Rick. We are excited to see how much they improve by next year.

By Landon Simiele

Monday, October 31, 2016


Image result for halloween yardHalloween is just around the corner and many kids are excited. Humans across the United States are preparing for the holiday by buying many things. People are buying costumes for trick or treating, lawn ornaments to put in their yard, and candies such as skittles and m&ms to hand out to kids. Some of the most popular lawn ornaments this year are tombstones, skeletons, and like almost every other year your classic Jack O'Lantern. There are also many new costume ideas this year including super hero and pokemon outfits. Except with the new clown sightings, many parents are worried for their children's safety, causing them to limit their children’s time out on the streets. Also some are choosing not to let their kids go at all.

Image result for trick or treating candySome of the popular Halloween attractions this year include Pinter’s Dead Shed. The dead shed is usually open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. It is full of many insanely scary things such as people carrying chain saws. There is also a very fun haunted house in Harmony, Minnesota which is open usually on weekends. Both places are really fun to go to and are always enjoyed.

Image result for halloween costumeWe decided to ask some junior high students to tell us whether or not they will be trick or treating, and what they will be dressing up as. We asked 20 students and their response was quite surprising. Around 25% wanted to dress up as a Harambe, a gorilla who was killed. While a surprising 20% still wanted to dress up as clowns despite all of the clown controversy. All of the costumes seem to be really exciting and interesting. Halloween seems like it will be one to remember. In fact this Halloween looks like it will be great!

Post by Cameron Sobolik

Friday, October 28, 2016

Meals From the Heartland

On Thursday, October 20, the whole Howard-Winn school district helped make meals for people who don't have enough to eat. Meals From the Heartland came and provided the materials needed to make the meals. There were twenty tables set up to get as many meals made as possible, with an assembly line at each table,  and ten people at each station. Into each bag went a cup of rice, a cup of soy, a packet of seasonings, and a scoop of dried vegetables. Then each bag was sealed and into a box ready to be shipped off.

Along with the classes of many students helping make the meals, there were ten students who helped filled the rice and soy bins for the assembly line, showed new ones what to do, and boxed up the meals.  There were also adults assisting in helping students get to where they need to be.

Many kids were excited when they made one box.  For example, if you made a box, then you would scream “One Box!”  It seemed many kids were having a competition with their other classmates and it helped a lot because they got more meals done in the time they had.  

For the younger kids making meals, they also had a junior high student by their side. The older kids would have to help out with pouring the rice and packaging all the rice.  The kids had fun and should feel proud of what they did.  

Thursday was a special day for us.  The district made 55,728 meals for kids that are starving and not getting much food.  After the day, I felt like I had saved someone's life and a day's worth of packaging food was really needed.

Story and photos by Justin Kerian and Carter Henry
Additional photo credits John Carver